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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 27, 2013, 10:38 PM

Hello Everyone and Thank You so much for all of the comments!

It has been way too long since my last post on DA. It's a little difficult for me to stay on top of all of these social media platforms - I have been active on LinkedIn, Behance, Instagram, Twitter, my Fan Page, and recently my Blog.

If you have any comments, questions, or just want to stay in touch with any news I may have, feel free to contact me on my twitter handle @HeatherOStudio. I always enjoy talking to all of you.

Some great things happening this year:

Heather O. Studio now has a fresh new logo! Stationary soon to follow! There is still a lot to re-brand, but I'm excited to start using the logo on my newest artworks.

I will be redoing the website to fit this new logo and new skill set I've gathered over the year.
This also means a new portfolio style as well.

I will be placing my works & progresses mostly on my Blog & Fan Page so be sure to subscribe and follow.

I'm hoping to visit a few big Comic Cons (if tickets are available). I will not sell my works onsite - I'm only visiting to scope out for 2014 artist alleys.

On a personal note, I completed my MBA program [will be at my commencement in May] and have been promoted to my new position as Graphic Designer Coordinator!

Again thank you everyone for your support! All of you have kept me going & my pencil thanks you.

Website Posted!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 9, 2012, 7:41 PM

Hello Everyone,

Finally after months of going thru an emotional roller coaster from learning CSS and new html codes, redesigning, along with starting completely from scratch - the new Heather O. Studio website is up!

The theme follows the logo along with my roots & passion with my illustration work.

Please feel free to leave comments here or on the fanpage.


Thank You!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 6, 2012, 9:49 PM

Wow I really appreciate everyone's support, critiques, comments, and favs! It has been hard for me to catch up to all of the messages and notes. Again I apologize if I do not get to thank you personally - but again Thank You!

After a long 2 month break from school, classes have started back up for me. With only 3 classes left my time has to be spread out in different directions.

Well some good news! I am learning CSS from some awesome artists at work and friends, although it has taken me awhile my new website is coming along nicely. Soon I will have an updated portfolio and begin to clear out the clutter *dreams*

Since my website is going through a new phase so will my logo. Again school comes first...that and I really have to get a design down, but maybe I'll post a few roughs for some assistance from all of you!

Thank you again, all of you!

Update: Art is Back!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2012, 10:46 PM

I was informed that one of my prized art pieces was stolen, modified, then entered into a contest with my personal signature - of course without my permission or knowledge.

Gotta say I'm not too happy about it.

Fake Piece:

ORIGINAL (and fan favorite):
Toboe by stormwhisper02

Thank you WarriorCatFreak13 for noticing, stepping up, and informing me about this.

Just waiting for DA admins to respond...

Update: Good news - DA Admins took care of everything and my original piece is back in my hands!!

It's been awhile!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 9:23 PM

Hello Everyone!

It has been way too long, but the new job and class has kept me pretty busy. Art hasn't been the first priority as it was...which I miss so much and have caught myself sketching during meetings and conference calls. Although I this will change in the future. I did a count and I only have 4 more classes left until I will be able to graduate!
Super excited about that!

Anyways let's talk about some ideas and projects that are still on the back burner. One is to redo my website for sure - but I need really sit down and pick one design and go with it! Problem is I haven't found the design that I am satisfied with nor am I happy about coding...It's just the time and need to practice CSS. The hard part is coming up with how many pages, what the pages should be, and how the navigation bar will work - still a work in progress!
Also my logo is going through a new look and vibe change. I want to reveal this in January (class break), signifying a new start to Heather O. Studio and my new found art style. I'm thinking about changing the colors along with the font - but again I still have a few months before the unveiling.

And one more thing. Thank you everyone for your comments, likes, critiques, Tweets, and posts - I've been inspired by everyone to continue one of my favorite passions

Until next time!

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Secret's out!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 21, 2011, 5:27 PM

I'm so excited to announce that "At Midnight" is on!!!
It's really hard to contain how much fun and what it honor it is to join some truly talented artists on a tribute to The Legend of Zelda's Villains!

Take a look on for all the details and for "At Midnight"


Big Bad Wolf BW by stormwhisper02 At Midnight by stormwhisper02
"Big Bad Wolf" B/W & "At Midnight"

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Journal Entry: Wed Apr 6, 2011, 10:08 PM

Hello DA folks!

It's been way too long since I've made a even a scribble!
My relocation and school was a bumpy ride, but everything has worked itself out. The new job is great and school has kept me busy...and away from the pencil.

I have a lot of to do projects this year. One in particular is updating the Heather O. Studio logo (it's going to be really cool!). Another is to re-amp the website to something that will fit my personality but also be easier on the bandwidth :P
I will keep you up to date on the happenings.

Also I am still trying to make the decision whether or not I will be joining the Artist Alley at this year's Youmacon. Part of my decision has to do with my new job and finding the time to fit school into the mix...I may have to skip this year...but who knows it's only April and I have plenty of time to think about it.

So as I finish up this journal, there will be something very special happening for many video game fans out there! I can't tell you who, when, or why, but I'm very honor to be a part of this project....and it's killing me that I cannot tell you!! ;)

Until next time Fans!! :D
Thank you for your support and endearing comments!


Big Bad Wolf BW by stormwhisper02 Heather O Studio Logo 1YR by stormwhisper02
"Big Bad Wolf" B/W & "Heather O Studio Logo"

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Relocation Time!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 11, 2011, 10:11 PM

Hello Everyone!
1-11-11...crazy right? Wait until 11-1-11 & 11-11-11! I think we need to play the lottery :)

Well onto some news. Yes finally I will be moving and most of my art equipment is with the I have to wait longer than expected to start on some other art projects.
Also classes have started this week! (I forgot!!!) By next week the new job will be starting...eek!
So expect me to be a little quieter than usual.

I do appreciate the comments and encouragement! It's been a pleasure to show my new style to all of you and get such great feedback!

Stay in tuned into Twitter & the FanPage for updates!


Big Bad Wolf BW by stormwhisper02 Heather O Studio Logo 1YR by stormwhisper02
"Big Bad Wolf" B/W & "Heather O Studio Logo"

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Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 2, 2011, 9:36 PM

Happy New Year DA folks!

I hope the year is treating you well so far! Can you believe it was 1/1/11?!

Well I'm in the process of moving (officially now), dates are set and packing has been filling in the day. Although I am trying to get in a few personal pieces done...but it's a slow process. I'll be sure to post WIP pictures of my new style with photoshop.
So in the next few weeks I will not be posting as much, but I'm always on Twitter! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!


Big Bad Wolf BW by stormwhisper02 Heather O Studio Logo 1YR by stormwhisper02
"Big Bad Wolf" B/W & "Heather O Studio Logo"

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Happy Holidays!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 24, 2010, 4:19 PM

Happy Holidays everyone!

I never got the chance to finish my holidays cards this year due to the last few weeks of traveling.
But next year I'll have the card design ready to go!

I would like to thank everyone for making "At Twilight" such a big fan hit on my DA page! It really warms my hearts to see everyone's comments and critiques! :D
I'm still working on a few pieces and I hope to have a few WIP images up on either DA or my FanPage.


Big Bad Wolf BW by stormwhisper02 Heather O Studio Logo 1YR by stormwhisper02
"Big Bad Wolf" B/W & "Heather O Studio Logo"

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It's December!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 6, 2010, 11:28 PM

Hi folks!

Yeah I'm still a Busy Bee!! That's always me!

I still have so much I would like to do and work on before the year ends...but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.
School, relocation, travel, new job, and the holiday season has got me!
So for the next few weeks I'll post some sneak peaks ;)

It also looks like I'll be relocating right after Christmas...that means I'll be quieter on DA, but you can still find me on my Twitter & FanPage accounts.
Also I'll be posting up some really informative blogs for all of you. So far the newest blog is How to Design your own Character! (just click the link above)
I may do an animation one....but I'll leave it up to all of you what you would like to see. Just so many have asked how I design my own characters, hence the first informative blog! :)
I may do some other tutorials there as well, but give me some busy season hasn't slowed down yet!

Oh and be sure to take a look at my retail store! There's a lot to see! Especially the new Gamer Girl wear, so Game on Ladies! :D
You'll notice my webpage has been updated...okay it's still a work in progress as well. As soon as I have a little more time then I can really fire it up!

So here are some upcoming projects:
Holiday Cards
How to Animate Blog entry
Tacori revised
And a lot of new photoshop techniques I wanted to show everyone!

Thanks to everyone for following me here on DA! I really appreciate everyone's messages!
Just be sure to be a fan on the FanPage as well! I respond to comments a lot faster there then anywhere else!
If you have any questions you would like me to answer, just send me a note, Tweet, or Comment! I'm always willing to help!


Singer Concept by stormwhisper02 Heather O Studio Logo 1YR by stormwhisper02
"Singer Concept" & "Heather O Studio Logo"

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Hello Everyone and Thank you!

Mon Oct 25, 2010, 2:07 PM
I hope everyone is doing very well! I've been so busy, I forgot to update my DA journal!
I want to thank everyone for their views, favs, and support in the last couple of months! I'm sorry I haven't gotten to tell you all individually....but it's been so hard to catch up with all the messages.

So to give everyone an update.
I sprained my back at I just haven't been able to move and I'm not looking forward to the recovery process for these next 3 weeks! :(

Heather O Studio's website will have a new look and feel to it in the next few weeks. Although I'm thinking I could post up whatever I have today.
I'm still in that has taken a majority of my creative time, but I think I've discovered a new schedule system for my daily activities. I've still been perfecting my art style, and I'm proud of the results. More artwork should be appearing in the next month as well.

Also I have some good news, I may have a job offer in I'm a bit nervous, excited, and anxious. Of course my business will always be with me, but it is hard to pass up good a opportunity.

Thank you everyone for the love & support for my artwork! And big thanks to my fans who have done so much for me to keep my dream alive! Lots of love to you all! :D

I may not answer here, but you can always leave me messages on Twitter or on my FaceBook FanPage. I always answer those a lot quicker (since they are sent directly into my phones)

Thank you everyone!! :D

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Summer coming to an end....

Mon Aug 23, 2010, 8:35 PM
Well summer is almost over (well for me anyways).
School is about to start next week & I will be staying busy all fall & winter. My idea is to be done with school by next Christmas...I hope!

I've been working on small freelance jobs for the business as I work in retail. The promo at the retail job has been difficult, but I'm so glad for the support & love! It's been a real help for me.

As for my artwork...well I think I've been discovering my own style as I draw. I'm really happy about it, but I still want to refine it. I'm also hoping to get more practice with color pencils & shading.

So bad news. I wasn't able to get into the Youmacon this time...the list was full by the time I got out of work! So I will not be at the Artist's Alley....but I think I will post a few prints up on Ebay for everyone. Or if you would like to order a specific print that isn't up on Ebay let me know! I'll make an announcement when the sale will be happening.

Thank you everyone for the love & support for my artwork! And big thanks to my fans who have done so much for me to keep my dream alive! Lots of love to you all! :D

Join my FaceBook FanPage!

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Art Usage

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 30, 2010, 7:54 PM
Okay folks, this is a quick journal. I need to finish my finals first and I can tell you what is going on next week.

Just want to let you know. My art usage still stands at this: NO posting my work anywhere else! YES my work is copyrighted!
Someone had decided to go past my rules and place my work somewhere it shouldn't be [link]

Once more for anyone who doesn't know:
Q. Can I use your artwork on forums/Neopets/MySpace/Bebo/Orkut/etc...?
A. NO. I do not want my characters or really any commissioned artwork to be used anywhere else. A lot of my artwork is copyrighted, and clients' work are not to be reused anywhere or by anyone else.

Q. Can I repost your images on PhotoBucket/Flickr/Webshots/etc...?
A. NO. Please do not re-post my images anywhere without my given consent.

I really appreciate that some of you may enjoy my work, but please leave it where it is. These pieces take days, weeks, years to make and I would prefer if it stays in my possession. If this continues...sadly I won't be able to post up my artwork here any longer.
I need everyone's support in this.
Thank you

Thanks :iconmariposabullet: for the heads up. (She has also had the same problem, again respect our hard work: Look but do not touch, support us by purchasing our pieces/services!)

"Lucky You!" & "Luck of the Irish"


A Collaboration between sedART & petercui

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Store is up!

Sat Oct 17, 2009, 5:34 PM
Took me a couple of days, but my website has a new look and is improved!
I now officially have store up on there as well! [link]
I'll add more items in the next few weeks (especially after/during the convention)

I know the gallery on the website is still a work in progress, but I hope to get that done by next month.

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Commission Info and Prices

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2009, 3:25 PM
All my fine art commissions are done traditionally or can be digitally colored.
I can do anything concerning Animals (either Anime Character style or natural) and Fantasy/mythological creatures. I will FanArt also in the media of your choosing (media listed below).
My pricings are usually standard for 1 character with a simple shadow shading. Additional characters, backgrounds, etc., are an extra cost. All of that is listed below.

I, currently, work in Staedtler ink pens, Prismacolor pencils, pencil, Photoshop and Illustrator (digital coloring).

~Here are some additional details~

• All commissions are on 8.5x11 card stock; additional cost for acid-free Strathmore paper.
• S&H is $7 for all commission pieces (priority mail)
• US insurance add $5, International insurance add $25 (optional)
• Original Finish/Final Work is shipped to client

• Unit price includes one character with simple shadow
• Additional characters cost extra (same piece)
• For simple background (symbols, washouts, etc.) add $30

• Line Art character is $15, and additional character on the same piece is $10, full backgrounds are $40
Glaceon Outline WIP by stormwhisper02
• For Color pencil character is $25, and additional character on the same piece is $20, a full background is $55
Lieutenant Matsumoto Rangiku by stormwhisper02 Vaporeon colored by stormwhisper02
• For 1 digital color character is $120, and additional character is $75, and a full background costs $100
Toboe by stormwhisper02 Cosmic Dolphin by stormwhisper02 At Twilight by stormwhisper02
• For simple backgrounds (symbols, washouts, etc.) is an additional $30
Happy Bday: Colored by stormwhisper02

I can create bookmarks, cards, or anything else in different sizes just check out my official price listing (this one gets updated a lot).
Feel free to send me a note on DA or an email through my web page if you are interested in a commissioned piece.

Official Price List

• Can I use your artwork on forums/Neopets/MySpace/Bebo/Orkut/etc...?
NO. I do not want my characters or really any commissioned artwork to be used anywhere else. A lot of my artwork is copyrighted, and clients' work are not to be reused anywhere or by anyone else.

• Can I repost your images on PhotoBucket/Flickr/Webshots/etc...?
NO. Please do not re-post my images anywhere without my given consent.

"Busy Bee" & "At Twilight"

A Busy Bee That's Me by stormwhisper02 At Twilight by stormwhisper02

A Collaboration between sedART & petercui